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Naturegoon Diatomaceous Earth Powder

(13 customer reviews)


Naturegoon Diatomaceous Earth Powder | 100% Organic and Natural | Safe and Organic Pest Control for Your Garden and Home| Used as Dog Powder for Prevention of Fleas Around Dogs. 

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Apply to cracks and crevices, along baseboards, under appliances and near other insect hiding places.

  • Great to use around your home & garden.
  • Perfect option to treat your dogs for fleas.
  • Non toxic way to control pests.
  • Effectively works on all crawling insects.

Made up of Diatomaceous and Natural Ingredients

  • 100% Natural, Organic and Pure with No Chemicals Added.
  • Very Effective 100% Pure and Natural for Pets, Garden, Beauty and Household.
  • This is a non-toxic, natural product to help repel bug bites.
  • Insects cannot develop immunity against it. It does not use poisons or chemicals to kill them.
  • Just sprinkle it thoroughly on affected areas such as plants leaves or around plants, or rub it thoroughly on your dog’s body.

200 gm, 450 gm, 900 gm, Diatomaceous 200 gm + Dolomite 200 gm, Diatomaceous 200 gm + Banana Peel Powder 200 gm, Diatomaceous 200 gm + Humic Acid 200 gm, Diatomaceous 200 gm + Flower Booster 200 gm, Diatomaceous 200 gm + Peat Moss 200 gm, Diatomaceous 200 gm + Mustard Cake Fertilizer 200 gm, Diatomaceous 200 gm + Rose Food 200 gm, Diatomaceous 200 gm + Vermiculite 200 gm

13 reviews for Naturegoon Diatomaceous Earth Powder


    I loved that it was herbal ,and non poisonous but effective

  2. Bhinder

    Does what it is meant for.

  3. satish

    It really work for cockroaches. It’s better than any spray .

  4. Omkar

    Works slowly but efficiently.

  5. Bhinder

    It works!!!

  6. Jayalakshmi

    Definitely a genuine product I bought it for my plants and for ant infestation I used it for two days it’s very mild, no irritating odour but does its job.

  7. Twinkle Gogri

    I loved this clay. It’s actually like a powder. And it gave instant relief from cockroaches. No smell. It’s safe.

  8. Srideep Prasad

    Nice Product

  9. Padmini Singh

    I must say it really works great

  10. Gyanaranjan nath

    This is best for bed bugs

  11. Anu

    Just sprinkle over silverfish infestation and it works great

  12. Avinash Tavares

    Does what it is meant for.

  13. varadharajan

    Its a superb product, at first it was doing nothing to the bugs, but I showered it all over the bed and mattress and after a few days not a single bug was there.

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