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Naturegoon Diatomaceous Earth Powder 200 gm

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Naturegoon Diatomaceous Earth Powder | 100% Organic and Natural | Safe and Organic Pest Control for Your Garden and Home| Used as Dog Powder for Prevention of Fleas Around Dogs. 

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Apply to cracks and crevices, along baseboards, under appliances and near other insect hiding places.

  • Great to use around your home & garden.
  • Perfect option to treat your dogs for fleas.
  • Non toxic way to control pests.
  • Effectively works on all crawling insects.

Made up of Diatomaceous and Natural Ingredients

  • 100% Natural, Organic and Pure with No Chemicals Added.
  • Very Effective 100% Pure and Natural for Pets, Garden, Beauty and Household.
  • This is a non-toxic, natural product to help repel bug bites.
  • Insects cannot develop immunity against it. It does not use poisons or chemicals to kill them.
  • Just sprinkle it thoroughly on affected areas such as plants leaves or around plants, or rub it thoroughly on your dog’s body.

1 review for Naturegoon Diatomaceous Earth Powder 200 gm

  1. Srideep Prasad

    Just sprinkle over silverfish infestation and it works great

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