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H4O pH-Booster Alkaline Mineral Drops

(5 customer reviews)

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H4O pH-Booster Alkaline Mineral Drops (50 ml) | Contains Antioxidants | Provides Hydration, reduces acidity and makes you active and alert | Alkaline Drops for 1000 glasse s of water. (50 ml)

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  • In 1 glass water of 250 ml water put 1 drop.
  • In 750 ml water put 3 drops.
  • In 1 liter water put 4 drops.

Sodium hydroxide, sodium citrate dihydrate, sodium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, double deionized water.

  • Usage: With this drops you can make your own ALKAINE WATER. Put 1 drop in every glass of water (200 ml) or 5 drops in a 1 litre water bottle for maximum benefits.
  • Manufactured with high quality ingredients and patent applied technology developed by IIT-Delhi alumni.
  • Alkaline pH booster drop is made with 100% natural antioxidant alkaline minerals and it goes perfectly with your alkaline or detox diet.
  • You can prepare and drink alkaline mineral water easily and effortlessly. It provides hydration, reduces acidity and makes you proactive.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy pH balance in the body.
  • Naturegoon Alkaline drops can be added to water, coffee, tea, and any other drinks.
  • Reduce Acidity
  • Higher energy level
  • Improves Hydration
  • Healthy Metabolism
  • Contains Minerals


5 reviews for H4O pH-Booster Alkaline Mineral Drops

  1. Abhishek Thakur

    Great product

  2. GV Prasad

    Very Good quality product.

  3. Anupriya

    I have recently use this product, but I like this because product helps in relaxing the body and reviewing the strength, this product good for health and its taste is simple to drink 👍

    Image #1 from Anupriya
  4. Dhritipriya

    Very good for health worth of money…this water keeps your body hydrated

  5. Shikha Bajaria

    This product has alkaline and ph booster drops which provides my body hydration,energised after using it.

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