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Naturegoon Soil Booster Liquid Fertilizer

(7 customer reviews)


Naturegoon Organic Soil Booster Liquid Fertilizer | Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens with Micro and macro Nutrients | NPK |

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Seed Treatment:

Add 1 litre of soil booster fertilizer in 200 litres of water and apply at 1 Acre of land through drip irrigation or drench the soil at proper moisture of.

Soil Treatment:

Mix 20 ml of soil booster fertilizer with 30 ml water and thoroughly mix with 1 kg of seed and dry the seed under shade before sowing.

  • Contains carbon
  • 100 % Organic
  • Suitable for all types of  Plants
  • 10 % Humic acid
  • 5 % Amino acid
  • 5 % Fulvic acid
  • PGRs
  • Seaweed Extract
  • Naturegoon Organic Soil Booster is made from 100% natural micro and macro nutrients, serving as an immunity booster for plants.
  • Organic Soil Booster improves Soil Structure and Increases Water Holding Capacity of Soil.
  • The Carbon Content, Humic Acid and Amino acid in the liquid soil booster helps build immunity of plants, making them less prone to diseases and pest attacks.
  • It works on all plants regardless of whether it is a flowering plant, vegetable plant, or just garden area plants.
  • Ideal for Soil Improvement, Root Growth, Lush Green Plant Growth and Vibrant Flowering.

200 ml, 1 L, 5 L, Soil Booster 200 ml + All in One Plant 200 ml, Soil Booster 200 ml + Plant Neem Oil 200 ml, Soil Booster 200 ml + Seaweed 200 ml

7 reviews for Naturegoon Soil Booster Liquid Fertilizer

  1. Pranati Das

    Result is satisfying

  2. Pallavi Sandeep

    This product I used and I like to buy this again because it has satisfactory utility with reference to value buying.


    Good as expected at great price

  4. zubair Ahmad ganie

    Good result.

  5. Natasha Pereira

    Must buy if you are into home gardening and works very well on leafy greens and vegetables

  6. Pallavi Sandeep

    Okay 👍

  7. Sumita Sinha

    I think it will be helpful for my plant’s growth.

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